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Crop Health Management Research

Crop Health Management Research (CHMR) with activities / programmes in regard to holistic crop health management issues


1. “A larger and more holistic approach to understanding the issue of mitigating biotic stresses, as conventional breeding approaches while being very useful, have their limitations

2. “To evolve novel technology of biotic stress management with respect to climate change and biorisk fervour in the WTO and IPR regimes

3. “Ecological management and the inter – relationships between the host plant, the pest and the agroecology: IPM based upon agronomic practices, survey/surveillance, biocontrol and need based chemical control”

Aspects to be investigated:

Enhancing the genetic resources for resistance against major diseases and pests

  • Exploitation of wild relatives for the identification of resistant donors through mass screening.
  • Genome wide identification of major disease resistance gene families in cultivated as well as in wild landraces and development of genetic stock using pre-breeding approaches.
  • Multiple stress resistance varieties will be developed using gene pyramiding and direct gene transfer approaches.
  • Characterization of crop germplasms for mapping the useful traits in relation to key biotic stresses for deployment in crop improvement
  • Development of efficient and apt criteria of screening techniques for host resistance evaluation 

Development of Transgenic crop varieties with enhanced resistance to pests and diseases in crops

  • Development of varieties resistance to biotic stress (disease, insects, nematodes) using transgenic and/or conventional approaches.
  • Bio-prospecting and allele mining of genes for biotic stress and their deployment for development of resistant varieties. 

Harnessing the potential of bioinformatics tools for discovery of novel resistance gene involved in the controlling of biotic stress.

  • In-silico mining of genes, enzymes and Transcription factors related to biotic stresses and their deployment for development of resistant varieties.
  • Development of saturated linkage maps in crops for gene mining, gene cloning and gene mapping. 

Development of eco-friendly bio-pesticides/bio-inoculants for control of emerging pests and disease.

  • To study the plant- endophytic relationship / interactions in crops using metagenomics and meta-transcriptomic approaches.
  • Exploration of native microbial flora in the soil and the phyllosphere to identify the microbes associated with the plant growth promotion and biotic stress resistance.
  • Development of nano-based plant protection products and their application technologies.
  • Biosynthesis of natural products and their regulation in endophytes and associated host plants in favour of crop health.
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