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Crop Health Biology Research

Crop Health Biology Research (CHBR) with activities / programmes in regard to biology of crops as influenced by biotic stresses


Pest biology: Systematics of pests/pathogens, life cycles, adaptations (modes of survival, perpetuation), responses to the interactions with other organisms of economic importance (host plants, biocontrol agents,endophytes etc).

Aspects to be investigated

  • Investigations on physiological manifestations, signal transduction and regulation of stress responsive genes
  • Development of screening protocols for traits and genes relevant to stress tolerance
  • Standardization and development of plant phenomics procedures to support genomics approach for disease diagnosis and its management.
  • Understanding of the biochemical basis of disease & pest resistance and allelochemicals for controlling pests/ pathogens
  • Molecular plant-microbe interactions of relevance to counter biotic stresses and understanding the related mechanisms of phenotypic and physiological manifestations
  • Basic studies on host defence systems
  • Biology of host – pest interactions in the changing agro-climatic scenarios and Study the effect of climate change on the physiological and metabolic activities of the host.
  • Studies on pest genomics to elucidate the herbivory patterns, pathogenesis concepts in relation to host-pathogen interactions
  • Basic science research to elucidate interactive processes in behavior of organisms under various human activities in agriculture, invasiveness of organisms, susceptibility patterns of crop genotypes as well as effective ecological interaction
  • Development of diagnostic tools & molecular characterization of pathogenic variability and severity assessment of diseases and pests.
  • Screening of resistance genes using genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics approaches.
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