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Institute / ICAR Funded Projects

Completed Institute Funded Projects

ICAR-Code Institute Project code Project Name PI Co-PI Year Status
CRSCNIBSMSIL201500100010 1.1 Development of methodologies for estimating the yield losses due to different biotic stresses in Rice crop (Oryza sativa L.) Dr. Mallikarjuna, J Dr. K.C. Sharma; Dr. S.K. Jain 2015-18 Completed
CRSCNIBSMSIL201400100002 1.2 On-farm evaluation, assessment of biotic stress management technologies for adoption and impact Dr. Anil Dixit Dr. P. Mooventhan 2014-17 Completed
CRSCNIBSMSIL201500200011 1.3 Epidemiology and economic loss assessment of hemorrhagic septicaemia (HS) in cattle and buffaloes Dr. Mamta Choudhary Dr. B.K. Choudhary Dr. Lata Jain 2015-18 Merged closed
CRSCNIBSMSIL201400200003 2.1 Studies on biotic stresses under nutrient management practices in rice-wheat cropping system with reference to weed management Dr. Anil Dixit   2014-17 Completed
CRSCNIBSMSIL201300100001 2.2 Studies on biotic stress under crop management practices in rice-wheat cropping system Dr. V.K. Choudhary Dr. Anil Dixit 2013-16 Completed
CRSCNIBSMSIL201400300004 2.4 Vector-borne zoonotic infections -ecological and serological studies Dr. Mamta Choudhary Dr. Lata Jain; Dr. B.K. Choudhary 2015-18 Merged and closed
CRSCNIBSMSIL201500400013 2.5 Studies on immune responses of Indian major carps to biotic stresses in Integrated farming system Dr. B.K. Choudhary Dr.Mamta Choudhary 2015-18 Merged and closed
CRSCNIBSMSIL201500500014 2.6 Studies on microbes associated with reproductive biotic stress diseases in bovine Dr. Lata Jain Dr. Vinay Kumar,Dr. Mamta Choudhary 2015-18 Merged and closed

Ongoing Institute Funded Projects

ICAR-Code Institute Project code Project Name PI Co-PI Year Status
CRSCNIBSMSIL201500300012 2.3 Exploring endophytes in legume crops (Pigeon pea and Lathyrus) for enhanced nutrition and disease tolerance Dr. Vinay Kumar Dr. Lata Jain 2015-18 Running
CRSCNIBSMSIL201600100015 2.7 Characterization of viruses and virus-like-organisms affecting economically important crop plants Dr. P.N. Sivalingam Dr. K.C. Sharma, Dr. Vinay Kumar 2016-19 Running
CRSCNIBSMSIL201600200016 2.8 Bio-ecology and management of the pink stem borer in wheat Dr. K.C. Sharma Dr. Mallikarjuna, J 2016-18 Running
CRSCNIBSMSIL201600300017 2.9 Developing and testing the effectiveness of user friendly educational knowledge tools on biotic stress management in Rice and Lathyrus Dr. P. Mooventhan Dr. Anil Dixit,  Dr. R. K. Murali Bhaskaran 2016-19 Running
CRSCNIBSMSIL201600300018 2.10 Sustainable weed management in direct seeded rice Dr. Anil Dixit - 2016-19 Running
CRSCNIBSMSIL201700100020   Isolation and Development of efficient native biocontrol agents of Chhattisgarh for management of lepidopteran pests Dr. RK Murali Baskaran Dr. KC Sharma, Dr. Lata Jain and Dr. Sridhar, J 2017-19 Running
CRSCNIBSMSIL201700200021   Identification of pathogen inducible promoters from agriculturally important crops Dr. PN Sivalingam Dr SK Jain, Dr. Vinay Kumar,Dr. Lalit Kharbikar 2017-22 Running
CRSCNIBSMSIL201700300022   Profiling of germplasm of different crop plants against biotis stresses Dr. SK Jain Dr.A Dixit, Dr. RK Murali Baskaran, Dr. KC Sharma, Dr. PN Sivalingam, Dr. mallikarjuna, J, Dr. Yogesh Yele 2017-19 Running
CRSCNIBSMSIL201700400023   Development of super donors for Bacterial Leaf Blight (Xanthomonas oryzae) resistance in rice Dr. Vinay Kumar Dr. SK. Jain Dr. PN Sivalingam; Dr. Mallikarjuna, J 2017-22 Running
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